Whata’Marriage: Couple celebrates wedding at local Whataburger


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Whata’Marriage for a Whata’Couple. A Brownsville couple tied the knot and continued the celebration at their favorite restaurant.

Bolivar and Esther Martinez-Dominguez were regulars at a local Whataburger establishment in Brownsville located on Central Blvd.

Lilia Garcia, the manager of the Whataburger location, told ValleyCentral, their operating partner Claudia Martinez Dominguez, had set up the wedding party for the couple. She said the couple are loyal customers, and have visited their location for many years.

“I went to their ceremony,” Martinez Dominguez said. “And I told them, I want to create something special because I want to share the love that you have.”

Balloons, flowers, sparkles, decorations and love filled the restaurant as they celebrated the couple’s marriage.

Bolivar Martinez-Dominguez, the newlywed husband, said even though they do not have any relation to the manager, who has the same last name, he felt like destiny brought him and his wife together.

Photos of the couple’s wedding party went viral on social media gathering up to 1.8 thousand reactions, 261 comments and 428 shares.

Many online users sent the happy couple a congratulatory message, expressing their love to the very unique and intimate Whata’Wedding.

Bolivar and Esther continue going to Whataburger almost daily. You can catch them by the first window next to the door with their coffee and pie.


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