Weekend Break: Paranormal Cirque


WGN’s Courtney Spinelli gets in on the thrills at Paranormal Cirque

ORLAND PARK, Ill. — A unique show is bringing mind-blowing stunts, thrilling magic tricks and horrors to Orland Park.

Paranormal Cirque, which kicked off Friday, features some of the best acrobats from around the world as they put on a show packed with horror, cabaret, blood and eerie elements.

“Every second is filled with something. You know, after five minutes, there’s something new, something new, something new,” Ben Holland, General Manager and Paranormal Cirque Contortionist said. 

Cirque show returns to Chicagoland

Organizers say those who dare to enter should be prepared to catch their breath or stop their hearts from racing as the thrills are so wild, even those who see it likely won’t believe it.

“We have people suspended up 30 feet in the air, we have a lady that swings by her hair and is hanging around all up by the top of the tent,” Holland said. 

For information on showtimes or to purchase tickets visit the Paranormal Cirque website

Shows are taking place in the parking lot of Orland Square Mall at 288 Orland Square Drive from Thursday, August 10th to Sunday, August 13.

The show will then head to Aurora for more performances in the parking lot of the Premium Outlet Mall at 1650 Premium Outlet Boulevard.

Tickets are still available for the Orland Park and Aurora shows before the tour continues into Wisconsin.

Around Town checks out the Paranormal Cirque Show

WGN’s Courtney Spinelli has a look at the excitement as she got in on the thrills during the Weekend Break on Sunday morning.


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