Video released of fatal deputy shooting of hatchet-wielding man in Southern California

A man shot and killed by two Orange County sheriff’s deputies in June walked toward them with a hatchet and appeared to be getting close to them in the driveway of a Midway City home when they opened fire, video released by the department shows.

Residents in the 14000 block of Van Buren Street called 9-1-1 about 4:55 a.m., June 14, to report a man wearing all black using what they thought was a crowbar to break windows on cars parked in the street and to try to break into a home, according to calls to dispatch played in a critical incident video released Friday, July 28.

The critical incident video includes dispatch calls, body-worn camera footage from both deputies and surveillance video from cameras at the house where the suspect was found.

When deputies arrive, the video shows, they find the suspect inside a car parked behind a fence in the driveway of a home.

Surveillance video from the house shows the suspect opening the front gate, then opening the rear passenger door of a station wagon parked in the driveway. The suspect then goes around the car, opens the driver’s door and gets inside.

Deputies arrive about four minutes later, according to time stamps on the home’s surveillance cameras.

“Hey, what’s up man? How are you doing?” one deputy says. “ … Hey don’t move.”

“I’m not home,” the suspect replies.

As the deputy radios to dispatch that they’ve made contact with a suspect, the man gets out of the car and begins walking toward the deputies, as the second deputy exclaims he has an axe.

Both deputies order the man to drop the weapon as he continues walking toward them, but he does not, body-worn video shows.

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