Venture Capitalist Predicts: ‘This ChatGPT Announcement Will Shock the World’


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According to Elon Musk, “We need to be very careful about artificial intelligence.”

But Silicon Valley insider Luke Lango says the money behind the scenes reveals a different story. That’s because the top venture capitalists who backed Uber, Airbnb, Zoom, YouTube, PayPal, Google – and even Elon Musk – are all flooding the AI market with capital.

It’s why Lango just issued a completely new kind of AI warning.

He says:

“ChatGPT is about to ignite a massive $20.6 trillion wealth shift. Ignoring this opportunity now could be the biggest financial mistake of your life.”

Lango has already called over a dozen companies that’ve gone on to soar 1,000 percent or more. He called AI chipmaker AMD back in 2016, three years before it was the #1 stock in the S&P 500. AMD went on to soar as high as 6,149 percent.

It’s why he in the last three years, he was voted the #1 stock-picker in the world by TipRanks.

But now he’s convinced this could be his biggest call yet.

That’s because he says this $20.6 trillion shift could be the biggest wealth transfer ever. The sheer volume of money due to this ChatGPT megatrend is simply unprecedented.

It’s worth 43X more than every country’s share of the electric vehicle market in the world combined.

So, what does this ChatGPT wealth transfer mean for your money? How can you prepare?

This urgent video reveals all the details. Click here to watch.

Lango says there’s a shocking move you can make immediately to get ahead of the potential ChatGPT IPO.

Watch his urgent AI warning here.


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