Tonnes Of Nacho Cheese Spills From Truck Onto US Highway After Collision


Tonnes Of Nacho Cheese Spills From Truck Onto US Highway After Collision

The cheese splattered across the highway.

A section of an Arkansas highway in the United States was briefly closed Tuesday after a truck carrying hundreds of cans of nacho cheese crashed on it, coating the road with the gooey material.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation said the truck was loaded with cans of nacho cheese when it was involved in a collision with another vehicle on Interstate 30, near Prescott.

The photographs of the road coated in yellow cheese were uploaded to the transport department’s social media accounts.

“Taco Tuesday, anyone?. A truck carrying cans of nacho cheese spilled today on I-30 west near Prescott,” the department wrote.

“Things are all clear now, and traffic is moving,” the agency added.

Officials with the Arkansas Department of Transportation said the accident took place around midday. No one was injured, though the accident left quite a mess behind.

The post by the transportation department received a lot of views, with many users leaving interesting comments.

“Does anyone have any chips? Have yourself a snack while travelling,” commented a user.

“Imagine living near but having no clue of this incident, and suddenly the scent of nacho cheese comes in the breeze. I wonder how many people it gave a sudden nacho craving to,” wrote another user.

A third user appreciated the sense of humour shown by the department’s social media team and wrote, “Thankful the official tweet showed a sense of humour.”

This isn’t the first time a truck has tossed food onto the road. Several other trucks carrying food and beverages have crashed over the years, causing road closures while the messes are cleaned up.

Last year, an overturned truck in the US spilled 18,000 kg of chicken nuggets onto the road.

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