TikTok Of Woman Refusing To Give Up First-Class Plane Seat For Child Goes Viral


Sabra said the airline didn’t offer her anything to switch seats but she also doesn’t think asking something like this is wrong as long as the airline — or the person asking — is okay with people saying no. “In this particular instance, it seemed to be an airline issue and not the parent’s poor planning.”

“I think the {TikTok} audio ‘fuck them kids and fuck you too’ is funny and that’s why I thought it was relevant to this situation. But, in all honesty, I have switched my seat with people in the past (I even gave up an extra leg seat to a REALLY tall man in the past in exchange for a regular seat — and I did end up regretting that decision the following 10 hours when I was curled up in the smaller space),” she added.


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