Where Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita stand after ‘RHONJ’ reunion text leak


Teresa Giudice is still on friendly terms with Jacqueline Laurita after the latter’s unsavory text about the former was leaked during the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 13 reunion.

A source connected to the situation tells Page Six exclusively that Laurita “could not care less” that Melissa Gorga exposed the message on camera, noting that Giudice “didn’t either because they’re still talking.”

Though Laurita has not been involved with the Bravo reality series since she left in 2017 after Season 7, her name came up during part two of the most recent reunion amid Teresa’s accusation that Melissa and Joe Gorga were responsible for putting her and her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, “in jail.”

According to Teresa, Laurita told her that the Gorgas “hung out with” Joe’s ex-business partner, who ended up ratting him out to the feds.

Jacqueline Laurita
A source connected to the situation tells us the pair are still friendly.

“Teresa, we didn’t commit mortgage fraud — you did, dollface. Like, stop,” Melissa responded to the allegation, insisting that neither she nor her husband, who is Teresa’s brother, even know the ex-business partner.

“After this airs, Jacqueline is gonna come out and say this,” Teresa predicted, prompting Melissa to whip out her phone and read a message Laurita had sent castmate Jackie Goldschneider.

Per Melissa, the text was sent “just last year, before [Teresa and Laurita] made up.”

Melissa Gorga
We’re told Laurita “could not care less” that Melissa Gorga exposed the message on camera.

“I know I shouldn’t care, but her arrogance, voice and the fact she gets away with way too much after being a nasty a–hole bothers me,” Melissa read aloud as a screenshot of the message flashed across the screen.

“She is a low life trash bucket. She’s stupid but also very calculating. Even with her 2 facelifts, eye lift, nose job, shaved forehead, Botox, fillers, and new boobs she is still so ugly and thinks she a goddess. Lol! No, I’m not bitter at all! Lol!” Melissa continued.

“Every time I see something on her, it irritates me all over again. (OBVIOUSLY! Lol!) She’s infamous for being a dumb, classless, train wreck. She doesn’t get it.”

Jackie Goldschneider
Gorga said the message was sent to Jackie Goldscheider “just last year, before [Giudice and Laurita] made up.”

A seemingly unbothered Teresa warned her sister-in-law, “Jacqueline is gonna come after you, babe,” as co-star Dolores Catania added, “Sleep with one eye open.”

Our source tells us that Laurita “doesn’t know why Dolores would threaten Melissa.”

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Teresa, 51, and Laurita, 53, shocked fans when they got together for lunch in February, squashing their years-long feud.

At the time, the former co-stars and best friends both shared pictures from the “5-hour” outing, agreeing there was “lots to talk about,” “lots of laughs” and that being “reunited” felt “so good.”

Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice
Laurita and Giudice squashed their years-long feud in February.

After social media users began speculating that the unprecedented get-together might be indicative of Laurita’s return to the show, she clarified that she “[doesn’t] want back on” because she lives in Las Vegas and would soon be “moving to Orange County in [California].”

The “RHONJ” alum also went ahead and shot down another theory, explaining that the pair’s rekindled relationship had “nothing to do with” their “mutual disdain” for Melissa, 44.

“Teresa and I had a great friendship BEFORE the show and now that all the stress, toxicity, outside influences, and pressures from being on a show together are gone, and life is good for both of us, it is easier to forgive and maintain a friendship. It’s that simple,” Laurita insisted at the time.

Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita
At the time, Laurita insisted it had “nothing to do with” their “mutual disdain” for Gorga.
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“#NewBeginnings for REAL this time! Lucy and Ethel are BACK and living our BEST lives. Life is good! 👯‍♀️.”

While they were co-stars, the duo’s bond ebbed and flowed, with a lot of their final fallout having to do with Teresa’s legal woes.

Their last attempt to reconcile took place just before Laurita’s exit from the show, but they were unsuccessful.


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