Republic of Vanuatu National Day – United States Department of State


On behalf of the people and Government of the United States of America, I extend my greetings and warm congratulations to you and the ni-Vanuatu in celebration of your National Day on July 30.

For many decades, our shared stories in the Pacific have been connected through past challenges and future hopes. Since the reopening last year of borders which the pandemic had closed, we have worked diligently to reconnect our two countries, and I am excited for the significant steps forward we can take in our bilateral relationship in the coming year. In partnership with fellow Pacific countries, with respect for sovereignty and local concerns, and with optimism for the shared goals, common values, and earnest efforts we can accomplish, I look forward to collaborating on a range of issues, particularly the fight against the climate crisis.

Our commitment to our Pacific friends remains strong, and I send my best wishes to you on this 43rd celebration of your independence.


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