Rapper Cardi B a Suspect in Battery Case After Throwing Microphone at Concertgoer


Rapper Cardi B is now a suspect in a battery case after she threw a microphone at a concertgoer who hurled a drink at her while she was performing on stage in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday.

After the 30-year-old “WAP” songstress threw her microphone into the crowd at Drai’s Nightclub on Saturday, a woman went to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department the following day to report the incident to authorities, according to a report by TMZ.

The woman told police she had been struck by Cardi B’s microphone — an incident that was caught on camera for all to see.

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A woman had thrown some type of liquid at Cardi B while she was performing, which prompted the rapper to retaliation by hurling her microphone at her audience.

The microphone reportedly struck the woman who threw the liquid at Cardi B, but then ricocheted and hit another woman who was standing next to the drink thrower. It remains unclear which woman went to the police.

Before throwing her microphone at concertgoers, Cardi B and her DJ had urged fans to splash water on her to cool her off, as it was a very hot day in Las Vegas, reported TMZ.

It remains unclear if the woman who threw the drink was simply trying to cool the rapper off — but if that was her intention, then the move clearly did not work.

Cardi B is the latest celebrity to have something thrown at her while performing on stage this summer.

As Breitbart News previously reported, pop star Harry Styles was hit in the face by an object that was thrown at him while he was performing in Vienna, Austria, earlier this month. Around that time, rapper Drake was hit by a phone that was thrown from the audience in Chicago, Illinois.

Last month, singer Bebe Rexha suffered injuries to her face after she was struck by a phone that was hurled at her from the crowd during aa performance in New York City. Days after that, singer Ava Max was smacked in the face by a man who rushed the stage during a concert in Los Angeles. Singer Kelsea Ballerini was also hit in the face while performing.

Then, in a bizarre and morbid turn of events, pop star Pink was left stunned while onstage during her performance in London after a fan appeared to throw their late mother’s ashes onto the stage.

Recently, fans threw multiple objects at pop star Taylor Swift as she exited the stage after one of her recent performances in Kansas City.

Meanwhile, singer Adele dared her fans to throw objects at her, proclaiming she’ll “fucking kill” anyone who hurls an object at her. The “Hello” singer, however, might want to be careful, as she could find herself the suspect in a battery case — like Cardi B — if she were to retaliate.

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