People finding ways to keep cool in Capital Region 


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As temperatures crept up throughout the day, people found different ways to stay cool. Medical professionals say staying hydrated before, during and after outdoor activities is crucial. 

Those who have no choice but to be outside say they keep from overheating by drinking plenty of water.

Construction workers say dri-fit clothing is better than cotton and some even swear long-sleeves keep them cooler, while also protecting their skin from too much sun exposure.

People who can escape the heat but choose to be outside say they make sure to bring the essentials

“Keeping a towel I got a towel in my bag, keeping a couple of bottles of water with you. Making sure you’re hydrated before you come,” said basketball player Darius Hines.

Some say it’s their love for what they do that fuels them, despite the soaring heat.

“Just the motivation of it that’s why everyone else is out here,” said scooter rider Jovan Jackson. “Sometimes it’s just so fun you don’t even care how hot it is.”

Jackson said after spending a lot of time riding, he immediately jumps in his pool when he gets home.

Local children said playing at a splash pad is one of their favorite ways to keep cool in the summer.

“Cause it’s nice and hot… I get to play in the water,” said young Jayda Sears.

Albany Medical Pediatrician Danielle Wales says each individual has a different experience in the heat.

“Different temperatures can affect people differently. Some people may be comfortable going outside when it’s 90 degrees but there are some people where going outside when it’s 80 or 85 degrees is too hot for them,” said Wales.

She said it’s especially difficult for young children. 

“We know, especially, that very young children can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults can so you certainly want to keep an eye out on those little kids,” said Wales.

Wales warns kids display their symptoms differently than adults do and struggle to verbalize what they’re feeling.

“So if they seem a bit more irritable than normal or they’re just not acting right, a little bit more lethargic, assume that the heat is playing a role and cool them off. Get them inside, give them some water,” said Wales.

She said everyone should be aware of heat exhaustion signs because it could quickly progress into heat stroke.

“Heat exhaustion, you can present with a slightly elevated temperature. You can have headaches, nausea. You might feel chilly and look clammy. Heat stroke is more dangerous,” said Wales.

Heat stroke can cause seizures and an altered mental status, she said, and advises anyone experiencing those symptoms to seek immediate help.

Her last word of advice, keep an eye out for others.


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