Newly opened Martinez cocktail lounge burglarized


(KRON) — A new business in Martinez is picking up the pieces after a break-in and vandalism. Bentley’s Cocktail Lounge held a grand opening on Friday, and someone broke in Sunday morning.

KRON4 spoke to the owners about their efforts to keep the business up and running.

The owners tell KRON4 they felt like they were on a huge high Friday. They had a line of people to support their grand opening.

Less than 48 hours later, their business was broken into causing thousands of dollars in damage and lost supplies.

Forty minutes of security camera video of a man terrorizing Bentley’s Cocktail Lounge and the attached indoor market “Market and Main.” Co-owners of both businesses Krystal Endsley and her partner Malena Clegg say it’s hard to watch the footage.

“Took down umbrellas, stole plants, threw plants everywhere. Stole our menus that were bolted on the table,” Endsley said. “He was just targeting the courtyard and then he came back out here and just cut our waterline to Bentley’s, he cut our ethernet cable, cut the cameras to Market and Main.”

This video is from a neighboring business, Five Suns Brewing. It happened just after 1 a.m. Sunday morning. Endsley says it took extreme efforts just to get open on Sunday, and they had to open later than expected.

“We lost half of our business on Sunday because of it,” she said.

Endsley and Clegg’s first business, Market and Main, has been open for two years. In that time, Endsley says the police have always been very present, but the early hours of Sunday were an exception.

“There was a gentleman slashing tires that night. The police were called away from the city. So I feel like it was very well planned,” Endsley said.

She says if she could speak to the man who did this, she would ask him to bring back her tools. She’s a carpenter and needs them to grow the business.

“It’s hurting our business more than you think,” Endsley said. “This is the summer phase so we’re going to be doing the winter phase soon and I have nothing. I have absolutely nothing to start that project now. So I would estimate over $20,000 worth of items that he broke and power tools. It’s a lot. It’s a big loss.”

Endsley says they’re not going to let this stop them. She and her partner have filed a police report and started raising money through a GoFundMe to replace everything they lost.


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