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“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” have been fighting evil since the 1980s. Now, in “Mutant Mayhem,” the heroes in half shell are back in full ninja mode. Perpetual teen Alex Miranda is out of his shell with the lowdown

I’m not hiding behind any shells, though, only turtlenecks. In the winter.

What kind of photos do turtles take? Shell-fies! But this gang of do-gooders have more important things to do in their new movie.

Nicolas Cantu (as Leonardo, voice): “To infiltrate the human world and retrieve … go-gurt!”

Brady Noon (as Raphael, voice): “Go-gurt.”

Shamon Brown Jr. (as Michelangelo, voice): “OK, Batman.”

Nicolas Cantu (as Leonardo, voice): “Dude, what? I’m just trying to hype you guys up.”

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, and this time around, the turtles are being voiced by teens instead of adults.

Jeff Rowe, director, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem”: “To shoot it in a way and record the kids with this, like, improvisational, talking-over-each-other dialogue that felt authentically teenage, it just felt like something that needed to happen.”

Jackie Chan (as Splinter, voice): “You were covered in this ooze someone dumped in the sewers. Whatever this ooze was, it transformed us.”

“Mutant Mayhem” follows the turtle brothers as they try to earn the love of New York City while fighting off a mysterious crime syndicate of mutants.

Ice Cube (as Superfly, voice, rapping): “Six in the morning, police at my door.”

Ice Cube plays the villain in this flick, and he comes with an entourage.

Ice Cube: “Superfly, he’s the king of New York. Nothing happens in New York without going through Superfly. And he got to have his people with him, his folks.”

For Superfly, going “fly toe” to “rat toe” with Jackie Chan, who plays Splinter the rat, was not easy.

Ice Cube: “I was waiting for him to pull one of those ‘Rush Hour’ moves on me.”

Chris Tucker (as Carter): “Which one of y’all kicked me?”

Ice Cube: “So I was looking for that. I was looking for Chris Tucker to come around the corner. He never came around the corner, so I knew this was going to be an easy fight. And Superfly, it wasn’t an easy fight, you know what I mean? So I gotta train a little more, Superfly gotta train a little more to deal with Splinter.”

Micah Abbey: What am I suppose to do with a big stick? Yeah, I actually read somewhere that they specifically made Splinter give the turtles certain weapons that are supposed to throw them off.”

While weapons are up for discussion, we wanted to know what weapon the stars would choose in a fight.

Brady Noon: “A kind of mixture of like Leo and Donnie and Mikey, so it’s pretty much like this long blade, but it spins like a stick, and it can break off into two and become nunchucks.”

Nicolas Cantu: “Oh, so you’re just taking everybody’s thing. He has all the weapons.”

Brady Noon: “Except for my own, yeah.”

Micah Abbey: “Wait, that’s like a good idea. That’s sick, yeah, yeah.”

Shamon Brown Jr.: “I’d have, like, a utility belt something, pulling from different things, like how Batman does. Just have different things like that.”

Nicolas Cantu: “So I think, like a halberd, something like that. A big stick with, like, an axe, and also, like, a spear.”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” bursts into theaters on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

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