“Multiple cooperators”: Legal experts say new indictment suggests key aide “flipped” on Trump


Legal experts told The Messenger they believe a former Mar-a-Lago IT director who prosecutors allege played a key role in efforts to delete surveillance footage may have flipped on former President Donald Trump. “It is obvious that Special Counsel Jack Smith and his team have flipped the individual referenced as Trump Employee 4, who gave specific quotations about the conversations he had with Carlos de Oliveira about Trump requesting that the security camera footage be deleted,” former federal prosecutor Mitchell Epner told the outlet. There is no indication that the former aide has entered into a formal agreement but “not everyone who flips pleads guilty,” Epner said. Former Trump White House lawyer Ty Cobb agreed the “damning” communications in the indictment suggest the ex-IT director flipped.

Former FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi suggested that “there are multiple cooperators” in the documents case because the indictment references two people’s conversations. “Often those two people are charged in the superseding indictment, they don’t appear to be cooperating,” he told MSNBC. “So someone else has overheard a conversation. The head of I.T. there has likely cooperated because he is the guy they kept coming to saying, ‘Can you delete the server?'”

MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin also cited a new charge against Trump over an alleged Iran war planning document he bragged about at a meeting at his Bedminster golf resort. “The meeting was attended by a writer and a publisher of Mark Meadows’s memoir, as well as two members of Trump’s staff, Liz Harrington and Margo Martin,” Rubin tweeted. “And my guess is that one or more of them confirmed that the document they saw is the one that now constitutes Count 32.”


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