Local nonprofit helping seniors paint their homes through Paint-A-Thon


DENVER (KDVR) — A local nonprofit is using the summer months to help out seniors in the metro paint their homes.

It’s part of Brothers Redevelopment’s Paint-A-Thon that runs through the spring and summer months, where volunteers get together to paint the homes of seniors who otherwise couldn’t get it done physically or financially.

Those volunteering on Friday were with Huntington National Bank. This is part of the company’s $40 billion Strategic Community Plan which reflects the bank’s commitment to improve the economic vitality, financial security and sustainable future for those it serves.

The nonprofit was able to auction off a signed Nuggets basketball shortly after the team took home the championship. Those proceeds were a huge part in making Paint-A-Thon a success thus far. Not to mention, it’s all part of the goals of the organization.

“For us to give back really in a way that is in our wheelhouse if you will, Brothers Redevelopment is all about affordable housing, accessible housing and preservation and promotion of home ownership and so this is something were able to do that’s really mission fulfillment for us,” Brothers Redevelopment President Jeff Martinez said.

The home painted on Friday belonged to Sharon Rashford, who’s lived there for 17 years. She said she is beyond grateful for the help.

“I’ve been living here a very long time it’s been needing a paint job and I couldn’t afford it. I prayed upon it and it’s a miracle, the Lord delivered. It’s fantastic,” Rashford said.

For 45 years Brothers Redevelopment’s Paint-A-Thon program has helped seniors in the metro and in Colorado Springs for free with the help of more than 133,000 volunteers.

“This year were going to do 115 homes it sounds like and so that’s an awesome testament to our initiative to paint a thon to what it is and what it means to the community,” Martinez said.


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