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U.S. President Joe Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, US, on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023. Biden is speaking against the backdrop of renewed tensions with China and a brewing showdown with House Republicans over raising the federal debt ceiling.  (Photographer: Jacquelyn Martin/AP/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

GOLD STAR WHOPPER: Biden tried to empathize with mom of Marine killed in Afghanistan, lies in the process… Read more: Biden administration lied to Gold Star family about Marine’s death in Afghanistan, mom says

DEEPER TIES: Another Hunter Biden business partner could have damaging testimony against ‘the big guy’…  ‘Money guy’: This Hunter Biden business partner could blow the lid off Biden family’s business dealings

LACK OF GREEN: One of the White House’s favorite renewable energy companies has filed for bankruptcy… Read more: Green energy company Biden hosted at White House files for bankruptcy

ELECTION DAY: Ohio holds a special election on whether to make it harder to amend the state’s constitution, part of an effort to prevent abortion from becoming a constitutional right in state… Read more: Ohio sees massive voter turnout on GOP ballot question to protect state constitution from liberal activists

White House Watch

EAGLE EYE: New revelations show Biden’s attention to his son’s business dealings… Read more: Joe Biden letter to Devon Archer underscores his closeness to Hunter Biden’s business activities

DROPPING THE GAVEL: A federal judge took a hammer to some of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s court filings… Read more: Federal judge comes out swinging against DOJ special counsel in Trump classified docs case

RUSSIAN CORRUPTION: Biden’s secretary of State caught fire for calling out the Kremlin’s prosecution of a political enemy… Read more: Blinken’s condemnation of Russian prosecutors sparks conservative backlash: ‘Siri, show me irony’

DRILL CHILL: The Biden administration bowed to pressure from environmental groups… Read more: Biden admin blocks more than 1.5 million acres from oil drilling after eco groups’ legal challenges

Up The Hill

CHINA TIES: House Republicans want answers on Biden official’s meetings with Chinese communist party members… Read more: Biden Energy Secretary Granholm pressed on talks with top CCP official before SPR releases 

SMOKING GUN: Republican lawmakers say they have crucial information in multi-state First Amendment claim against Biden admin… Read more: Weaponization subcommittee backs state lawsuit in Biden, Big Tech censorship case: ‘Un-American’

NEW TACTIC: Democrats urge taxation to achieve gun control aims… Read more: Democrats demand 1,000% excise tax on ‘assault weapons,’ high-capacity magazines

2024 Campaign Trail

WHO’S IN? The first GOP presidential primary debate hosted by Fox News kicks off in two weeks. Check out who has qualified to appear on stage so far… Read more: These Republicans have met qualifications for the first GOP presidential debate

GOP candidates are set to go head-to-head in the first primary debate August 23.

GOP candidates are set to go head-to-head in the first primary debate August 23. (Fox News)

2020 2.0: Trump aims to claim Democrats are already manipulating the 2024 election… Read more: Trump to slam Biden and ‘protectors’ for 2024 ‘election interference’ after Jan. 6 charges in Alabama speech

TRUMP INDICTMENT 3.0: The inquiry in the Georgia Trump indictment has called on a state official to testify… Read more: Trump Fulton County case: Former Georgia Lt Gov Geoff Duncan confirms he’s been subpoenaed to testify

DOZER: Third Trump indictment would have implications beyond Trump, legal expert says… Read more: Trump indictment would ‘bulldoze’ the First Amendment if it succeeds: Turley

Former U.S. President Donald Trump

Former President Trump remains the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination. (SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP via Getty Images)

KENTUCKY BLUES: Incumbent Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear has been struggling to find his path with conservatives as he runs for re-election… Read more: Red state Democrat attempts to buck trends with conservative voters amid brutal re-election fight

RIVALS REACT: How do other Republican contenders view Trump’s latest indictment? Read more: Trump’s rivals for the 2024 nomination split on his latest indictment: ‘Trying to stay out of prison’

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