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Vlad the Impaler, the ruler who inspired the legend of Count Dracula, continues to wow modern times with new revelations about his health..

Recent research, published in the journal ACS Analytical Chemistryindicate that the historical figure, known for his iron-fisted rule over Wallachia in the 15th century, may have possessed a rare condition that caused her to shed bloody tears.

This discovery, along with information about his possible respiratory and skin disorders, offers a glimpse into the complex health profile of Transylvania’s notorious leader.

Vlad’s health through historical documents

While Vlad the Impaler is known for his brutal rule and fearsome reputation, researchers delved into historical documents to uncover potential information about his physical well-being.

By examining three letters written by Vlad himself in the 15th century, the study sought to shed light on their health conditions. These letters, addressed to Thomas Altemberger, the ruler of Sibiu, Transylvania, provided an unexpected window into Vlad’s health problems.

Using an innovative and harmless technique involving ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), the researchers examined the rag paper on which the letters were written.

This meticulous approach allowed them to identify and isolate peptides and proteins present in the documents, offering a glimpse into Vlad’s physiological makeup.

Peptides, proteins and potential health prospects

The researchers identified approximately 500 peptides, and around 100 of them are believed to be of human origin. In particular, peptides associated with blood proteins and proteins related to the respiratory system were detected in all three papers.

“We characterized about 500 peptides, of which about 100 peptides were indeed of human origin,” the study authors write.

These findings suggest potential health implications, pointing to Vlad’s susceptibility to various conditions.

Among the peptides discovered were those related to the ciliopathy, a genetic mutation that affects cell and organ function. This revelation hints at Vlad the Impaler’s possible health problems.

Furthermore, the identification of proteins associated with inflammatory processes suggests that skin and respiratory problems may have plagued the historical figure.

Dracula: The Mystery of the Tears of Blood

One of the study’s most startling findings centers on Vlad’s tears.. The researchers discovered three peptides associated with retinal and tear proteins, exclusively in the 1475 papers.

This revelation indicates a possible case of hemolacria, a condition in which tears are mixed with blood. While proteomic data alone cannot provide a full picture of Vlad’s health, the collective identifications paint a captivating picture of a ruler whose physiological intricacies have long been shrouded in mystery.

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