Dismembered Remains of Missing Crypto Influencer Millionaire Found in Suitcase


Police have launched a murder investigation after the dismembered remains of 41-year-old crypto influencer Fernando Pérez Algaba were found by children in Argentina, per The New York Post.

Algaba, who broadcasted his extravagant lifestyle funded by crypto investments on his Instagram account, was reported missing on Tuesday, July 18. On Sunday, July 23 a group of children playing soccer discovered a red suitcase near a stream in Ingeniero Budge, Buenos Aires. The children notified police of the discovery and when authorities arrived they found the suitcase contained Algaba’s legs and at least one forearm.

On Wednesday, July 26, his torso and head were discovered, El País reported. Buenos Aires police said that they were able to identify the body parts thanks to Algaba’s tattoos and fingerprints. The body parts were described as cleanly cut, which would suggest it was a professional hit of some kind. An autopsy showed that he was shot at least three times before his body was dismembered.

Before the discovery of his body parts, the Barcelona-based Algaba had been staying in Argentina for at least a week in a rented property. He was scheduled to return the keys to the property on Wednesday, July 19. Police have launched a murder investigation and have arrested one suspect in connection with his murder.

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According to Argentina’s tax agency, Algaba’s Buenos Aires-based crypto trading company Motors Lettuce SRL was in serious debt. Per La Nacion, he left a note on his phone about losing a lot of money on various crypto investments shortly before he went missing. He also alluded to getting a hefty loan from the Argentinian gang Barra Bravas and wrote, “If something happens to me, everyone is already warned.”

In an interview with local media, his brother Rodolfo Pérez Algaba insisted he was “not a scammer” and had simply underperformed when he entered the crypto space. “I’ve been here for three days and hardly sleep, thinking, breaking my head, how could this happen,” he declared. “But I’m not going to sit still, I’m not going to do justice with my own hands, but I hope that justice will be done.”


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