WATCH: US superstar shuts down journo in awkward exchange

The dramatic draw with Portugal ensured Team USA would finish second in Group E, with the Netherlands topping the group.

It is the first time the USA have failed to top their World Cup group since 2011, a point that was raised with Rapinoe during an awkward post-match exchange.

“You go through as second in the group and actually the last time it happened, and the only time, was in 2011 and you guys were still World Champions at the end,” the journalist asked Rapinoe.

A puzzled Rapinoe quickly, and awkwardly, corrected the inquisitive reporter: “Well, Japan won in 2011. We didn’t actually make it to the final. But if you want to get to the final you’ve got to make it through the group stage, I guess… (that’s a) line of logic.”

Undeterred, the journalist persevered, posing a question about the USA’s next matchup – which will be against the top-ranked team in Group G, which at the moment is likely going to be the powerful Sweden.

“Off to Melbourne, are you hoping for any kind of opponent there?” Rapinoe was asked.

“Just the next one. I don’t think we get a hand-pick of it at this point. We’ll check them out and prepare for the next game,” came the cold response.

It wasn’t the only frank exchange Rapinoe had in front of the TV cameras after the Portugal draw – which included a late chance for their opponents to snatch victory at the death, which would’ve consigned the defending champions to an early exit.

The retiring Rapinoe let slip with an f-bomb as she expressed how tense the finish had been.

“I was like, f**k. Right at the end, I mean, yeah, that’s stressful,” Rapinoe said.

“Because you’re out. If that goes in, you’re out. Your whole international career is over. It’s terrible.”


Lars Sondergaard said the pressure is on co-hosts Australia in front of a packed house after his Denmark side reached the knockout stages of the Women’s World Cup for the first time in 28 years.

The Danes set up a date with Australia in the last 16 after a 2-0 win over debutants Haiti to take second place in Group D behind England.

They will face Australia in front of a partisan sellout crowd in Sydney on Monday, but Sondergaard said: “Anything can be decided in those kinds of Cup games, anything can happen.

“We have a pretty good defence, we have a player like Pernille (Harder) who can decide games.

“So we have a pretty good chance. We know it is going to be difficult but we are looking forward to the game. We are going to see it as a fantastic experience.”

The coach added: “The whole nation are standing behind them. That’s important for them, but it could also be pressure when the game goes into the second half and it’s still 0-0, and anything can happen.”

Australia’s skipper and talismanic striker Sam Kerr is expected to return from a calf injury to make her debut at this World Cup.

Harder knows Kerr well, having played with her at Chelsea before her recent move to Germany.

“I’m looking forward to seeing her, but not playing against her,” she said.

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