Bears CB Kyler Gordon embracing his Spidey senses

One day after defensive coordinator Alan Williams invoked cornerback Kyler Gordon’s nickname, the Bears cornerback walked into Halas Hall in character.

He was wearing a red Spider-Man mask. He said— seriously, we think — that he bought it at a nearby Party City.

“It would feel a little bigger if it wasn’t a kid’s size,” he said.

Bears head coach Matt Eberflus gave him the nickname last year, and it stuck.

“Yeah, I feel like it’s similar to how I play,” Gordon said after Saturday’s practice. “Aggressive. I just like using my abilities and instincts.”

The Bears want him to use them at the starting slot cornerback position, though he’s capable of bouncing outside. Rookies Tyrique Stevenson and Terell Smith have been sharing first-team reps at the outside cornerback spot opposite Jaylon Johnson. 

The Bears drafted Gordon in Round 2 last year and praised his fancy footwork, with good reason: he was a competitive dancer as a child.

Coaches noticed his growth in the second half of last season, when Gordon said the game slowed down for him. He learned the nuances of what to watch for at the line of scrimmage and after the snap.

”He’s so quick, he’s so agile, he is instinctive,” defensive coordinator Alan Williams said Friday. “He’s got Spidey senses. When he makes a play and you go, ‘Wow, how did he make that?’ Ding-ding-ding — the Spidey senses are going off.

“[The senses are] saying, ‘Hey, it’s not this play, it’s this play.’ All those things — the quickness, the instincts, they’ve been showing up in a big way.”

Gordon likes the moniker. He grew up watching the movies — the Tobey Maguire ones were his favorite.

“I got to see the whole evolution of him …” he said. “Brings me back to my childhood.”

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