Ask Amy: “Happy drunk” thinks it’s time to stop


Dear Amy: I am a man in my early-70s, and I drink too much.

I started when I was 16 and have continued my entire life.

Five or six cocktails (80 proof) each evening is the norm for me.

I haven’t looked into Alcoholics Anonymous for the following reason: I don’t have anyone to apologize to.

Everything you hear about AA involves atoning for all the people you have hurt, but alcohol hasn’t caused problems for me.

I’m a happy drunk. I sit in my chair and drink and watch ball games.

It hasn’t caused any marital, family, or legal issues.

I never missed work due to a hangover.

People tell me I am the easiest-going guy they have ever met. I coached my two sons for years in baseball. I never drank before games or practices. I never drink before any type of public function, and never drive drunk.

Since retiring from my career in 2016, I have been operating a very successful business from my home.

The last physical I had (five years ago) revealed that my liver is fine. I am healthy, and cycle about 50 miles a week.


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