Apartment fire sparks evacuations at Glass Creek Mt. Juliet


Apartment fire sparks evacuations at Glass Creek Mt. Juliet.
Apartment fire sparks evacuations at Glass Creek Mt. Juliet.

A massive fire swept through Glass Creek Apartments in Mt. Juliet, leading to evacuations and extensive damage to one of the apartment buildings. 

The incident occurred on a stormy Saturday afternoon.

The blaze broke out in the 400 building of the complex located on Old Pleasant Grove Rd. Following the outbreak, residents living in the nearby 500 building were swiftly evacuated as a precautionary measure. However, the adjacent 1200 building remained safe. 

While an official cause for the fire has not yet been confirmed, authorities are considering the possibility that lightning might have played a role. The region experienced intense lightning activity at the time the fire erupted.

Photos shared by concerned viewers illustrated the severity of the situation. The affected building’s roof was consumed by the fire, emitting dense smoke into the sky. Videos from the scene, captured by witnesses like Ramundo Muniz, also displayed the alarming scale of the blaze.

Mt. Juliet’s law enforcement, including the local police department, is actively investigating the incident. Lightning is being closely examined as a potential trigger for the fire. 

Updates will follow as more information becomes available regarding the cause and impact of this unfortunate event.


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