How can you make your feline friends happy on International Cat Day?


A litter of kittens resting together. — Unsplash/File
A litter of kittens resting together. — Unsplash/File

Cats are one of the most preferred pets across the globe and there is no denying that fact, given their cute yet whimsical traits and the fact that there is a whole day — August 8 — designated to celebrate cats around the world.

Indeed, International Cat Day exists and is celebrated worldwide, honouring all cats and kittens who teach us to cherish little moments in life and the art of finding happiness in the most ordinary things.

From the ancient Egyptians’ adoration of these enigmatic creatures to viral internet videos, cats have held a special place in human history and hearts.

Take the time to reflect on ways to make your little furry friend happy on this special day with the help of the following list of ways suggested by a vet, according to the Animal Hospital of Richboro in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

A healthy cat is a happy cat

You need to prioritise your little furry friend’s health if you want them to stay happier and you can do that by providing them with good food and opportunities to get some fresh air.

However, while many cats like outdoor activities, like leaving pawprints on windshields and refusing to come when called, it will be both safer and healthier to stay in.

One of the things that positively affect a cat’s health and mood is a clean litterbox. Try asking your vet for tips on caring for your feline friend and it is always better to learn more about cats.

Moreover, remember to regularly visit the vet to make sure your furry baby is in top health.

Two cats sitting on a cat tower. — Unsplash/File
Two cats sitting on a cat tower. — Unsplash/File

Keep them entertained with toys or yourself

As they have a natural instinct to pounce or jump on things as they are hunters by nature and it is one of the many things that makes them happy.

Find plenty of fun and easy-to-play toys that your cats can push under the couch or jump at instead of jumping at you. Additionally, toys that also allow you to play with your feline friend are a great way to enhance your bond with them.

Although toys are great, you are by far your cat’s favourite form of entertainment and must take a few minutes a day to play with your furry buddy.

Comfy beds and simple luxuries

The love for comfy beds and luxuries is one of the few things that cats have in common with humans.

Cats are definitely drowsy little furballs so give them a selection of cosy sleeping accommodations for their 32 daily naps.

In addition, providing simple luxuries such as small touches that help them stay content, offering them a comfy window seat to watch birds and squirrels, scratching posts, cat furniture, and regular grooming sessions can help you win feline overlords’ hearts.

A kitten snuggles with its pet parents hand. — Unsplash/File
A kitten snuggles with its pet parent’s hand. — Unsplash/File

Things to investigate

Some of the most viral cat videos that have generated a craze among netizens are the ones where cats are busy investigating something to satisfy their curiosity. While it is an activity that cats love, it amuses their pet parents as well.

If you want to feel happy with your kitten or cat give them things that make them curious which is almost everything. However, it would be better to give them things like cardboard boxes, newspaper tunnels, pet tents, and paper bags.

Be attentive

All things aside, the best way to make your furry friend happy is by giving them your attention because you are the person they feel the most safe with.

Talk to them and it does not matter if they do not understand you. You paying attention to your pet and throwing a few cuddles in it will ultimately enhance their mood, especially on International Cat Day!


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