Donald Trump’s defamation case: Judge affirms E. Jean Carroll’s rape charge as true


Donald Trumps defamation case tossed out as the judge affirms E. Jean Carrolls rape charge as true. Telegraph
Donald Trump’s defamation case tossed out as the judge affirms E. Jean Carroll’s rape charge as true. Telegraph

A federal judge in New York has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by former President Donald Trump. 

The dismissal comes in response to Trump’s claim that he had been defamed by E. Jean Carroll, a former magazine columnist who had accused him of sexual abuse and rape.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan’s ruling on Monday reaffirmed E. Jean Carroll’s accusation that Donald Trump had raped her, declaring the allegation to be “substantially true.” The ruling contradicts Trump’s efforts to overturn Carroll’s win in a sexual abuse case against him. In May, Carroll was awarded a $5 million judgment after a civil trial found Trump liable for sexually abusing her during an encounter in the 1990s.

Trump’s countersuit was an attempt to challenge Carroll’s assertion that she had been raped by him. However, the judge’s decision underscores the weight of Carroll’s allegations, effectively cementing the notion that Trump’s actions constituted a “felonious sex crime.”

The ruling not only rebukes Donald Trump’s defamation claim but also strengthens Carroll’s position as she pursues her own defamation lawsuit against him. E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer, Robbie Kaplan, expressed satisfaction with the decision, saying that they look forward to the upcoming defamation trial scheduled for January. The case centres on Trump’s public denials of the sexual assault allegations.


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