Christine Romans bids farewell to CNN after two decades of service


Christine Romans bids farewell to CNN after two decades of service.
Christine Romans bids farewell to CNN after two decades of service.

After an illustrious tenure, Christine Romans is preparing to embark on a new chapter following her time with CNN’s “Early Start.”

The veteran journalist, who has been an esteemed business correspondent and early-morning anchor with the Warner Bros. Discovery network for 24 years, is now venturing towards an undisclosed role with another media organisation, as revealed by sources familiar with the situation. 

Romans made her departure announcement during Friday’s broadcast of “Early Start,” a CNN programme she has been anchoring since 2014, greeting viewers at the crack of dawn.

“I’ve decided it’s time for a fresh start,” Romans declared on the Friday morning show. Those in the know within the network affirm that this decision was entirely of her own volition and not influenced by any recent cost-cutting measures undertaken by Warner Bros. Discovery in recent months.

Having joined CNN in 1999, Romans has deep roots within the network, having previously worked in newspapers and Reuters Television before finding her place as a vital asset. 

Her CNN journey includes roles as a correspondent on Lou Dobbs’ evening business-news program and appearances on the now-defunct CNNfN, a business-news cable network launched by former Time Warner to compete with CNBC.

Throughout her tenure, Romans has been regarded as a steadfast and reliable presence at CNN. “She’s a rock,” commented an individual familiar with her extensive time at the network, highlighting her dedication and professionalism.

While CNN is expected to retain “Early Start” on its schedule, they will temporarily feature a rotating cast of anchors until a permanent decision is made regarding the show’s future talent assignment.


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