‘Secret votes’: Larry Nassar’s victims accuse Michigan state of hiding records


Larry Nassar photographed during his trial. — AFP/File
Larry Nassar photographed during his trial. — AFP/File 

Victims of convicted sexual predator Larry Nassar filed a lawsuit against Michigan State University (MSU) officials Thursday, alleging that they had taken “secret votes” to conceal Nassar’s records.

Filed in Ingham County Circuit Court, the civil complaint claims the East Lansing school had refused to hand over thousands of documents that could shed light on those who knew about the activities of the nefarious criminal.

MSU’s “Board of Trustees had illegal secret votes and made decisions in private to hide their position on whether or not to release the ‘Nassar documents,'” the plaintiffs argued.

The lawsuit further added that despite the public’s right to know who at MSU may have known about Nassar’s activities and turned a blind eye to them, MSU Trustees continued to hide information and evidence.

It alleged that Michigan State was hiding emails, citing attorney-client privilege.

According to state investigators, the school refused to submit over 6,000 documents that could be pertinent to the Nassar scandal.

However, according to Valerie von Frank, the lead plaintiff whose daughter was sexually abused by Nassar, holding the school responsible is at least as important as sending Nassar to prison for the rest of his life.

“There is the offense and then there’s the covering up and not addressing the issue, not stopping the perpetrators,” von Frank told NBC.

“I’ve always thought this is a sick individual, but I am angry at the people who allowed it to continue to happen to more and more and more survivors.”

Nassar was found guilty in 2018 of abusing several US athletes, including Olympic gold medalists McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, and Simone Biles. Nassar received a lengthy prison sentence for abusing squad members while mistreating them as patients.

He admitted to sexually abusing the athletes while employed by USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University, both of which produce Olympians, DailyMail reported.

Additionally, he admitted to owning child pornography, and more than 100 women sued the federal government for over $1 billion because the FBI failed to stop the doctor.

The federal organisation learned about the allegations against him in 2015, and more than a year later, in 2016, Michigan State University police arrested him.

Moreover, more than 300 women and girls who were assaulted by Nassar received $500 million from Michigan State, which was accused of letting opportunities to stop him pass over a long period of time.

A $380 million settlement was reached with the women by USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

According to several athletes’ victim impact statements in 2018, they had informed coaches and athletic trainers about Nassar’s decades of sexual abuse but that nothing had been done about it.


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